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Capture The Major Milestones of Childhood in Priceless Portraits


A woman’s pregnancy is one of the most special times in her life, and it should be enjoyed, celebrated, and remembered. Our Maternity Sessions are unique and memorable: whimsical, contemporary, or even traditional depending on your preferences and comfort level.

Newborn – Welcome to Life
The first moments of life. It is best to photograph this stage when the child is 1 week to 4 weeks old. Capture a sleeping baby and the little details of your baby’s toes, fingers, and everything special! Memorable portraits of your new addition will be loved by mom, dad and other family members.

3 Months – Head Held Up
This first milestone occurs around three months, at which time the baby starts to hold their head up in the air while lying on their stomach. Also at about 3 months, your baby will start to exchange smiles with you. This is a reciprocal or social smile that is a genuine, joyful response to your smile, how wonderful! Capture the new interactions that your baby has with the world around them.

6 months – Sitting Up
The second milestone occurs around six months of age at which time the baby starts to sit up on their own. Schedule a photo shoot for this milestone at 6 to 6 ½ months so the child can sit up on their own or with support.

9 months – Standing with Assistance
The third milestone is normally around nine months at which time the baby will start to stand up while holding onto something for support. The baby’s personality is taking hold: silly and outgoing or quiet and thoughtful, their personality is what you would showcase in this session.

12 months – Standing & Independence
The fourth and final milestone during the first year is when the baby just starts to walk which usually occurs at 12 to 13 months. Still a baby, but emerging as a robust and inquisitive child who is ready to meet the world! A portrait session for this stage would highlight your child’s first birthday. Some fun ideas would be to bring in a 1-year birthday cake to be used in the session and allows you to capture the joyful moments of this important stage.

Age 2
Around the second birthday, another major milestone is achieved. Capture your toddler as they respond to reason, humor, and action. Totally unpredictable, but always adorable, expect them to be loveable, shy, rowdy, or reserved as they begin to explore the world around them; here one minute and gone the next!

Age 3
Still toddlers, most three-year-olds have discovered how to entertain themselves. The world of toddlers is filled with portrait opportunities that capture the mystery and fantasy that are so much a part of these joyful days of discovery and make-believe that fade so soon.

Age 4 to 5
Photograph one of the cutest, most engaging ages for little boys and girls, the ability to speak and reason grow stronger every day. Searching for their place in the world, they have already developed personal interests, likes and dislikes. Their individuality of character and action should be portrayed before the baby teeth are lost and replaced by permanent ones, forever altering the endearing look of early childhood.

Age 6 to 8
During this period, the snaggly-tooth age ends and permanent teeth emerge to change the facial contours. A developing mind reveals a more mature, inquiring look. Now off to school and making their way in the world. There is so much to learn! Portraits made at this age help to confirm a child’s positive self image.

Age 9 to 12
As the child prepares to enter the teenage years, physical, emotional, and attitude changes occur. The little person you have known so well is about to become a more complex and less dependent young person. Peer acceptance is now important, and portraits can capture the child’s sense of style and expanding horizons.

Age 13 to 15
The early teenage years – a kind of dress rehearsal for adulthood have begun to erase the memories of childhood. The boy is almost a man in his interests, his attitudes, and thinking. Carefree years yet ones that anticipate the challenges of adulthood on the horizon. The young woman has begun to blossom into womanhood. Still a lifetime of growing and learning ahead, but never again a child.