Newborn Session Tips

Congratulations! You just welcomed a new member to the family! That means it is time for some adorable newborn photos. As cute as babies can be, they aren’t always the best models. Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to photograph your new bundle of joy. That’s why we wanted to share our top tips for parents for a successful newborn photo session, curated for you by our professional photography team.


Naked babies get cold. We will be cranking up the temperature to a ‘comfortable’ 80 degrees. The warmer temperature will hopefully help your newborn stay asleep and happy. What does this mean to you? It will be hotter than normal! We suggest layering your clothing so that you say comfortable too!

Speaking of naked babes, loosen the diaper a little right before you leave to help eliminate any diaper lines and the need for retouching later.

Feeding & Breaks

During these session newborns tend to need more feeding breaks than usual, especially if they are a little fussy or upset. A quick meal paired with some cuddling and your little boy or girl will be ready for the spotlight again! Don’t forget to bring extra formula if you are not breastfeeding!

It is helpful if you feed your baby as soon as you arrive at your photos session so they will be ready to sleep. Warm milk equals a happy, model-ready baby! Hungry babies wake up often and crying. Arriving approx. 20 minutes prior to your session time helps so that you can feed your newborn and we can start your session on time!

Keep extra wipes, diapers, blankets, spit up rags and trash bags nearby for quick cleanups. Naked babies do tend to have more accidents, so it’s a good idea to be ready. Just remember to be patient and don’t get embarrassed or frustrated when things go wrong.

Props & Wardrobe

Props, props, and more props! You are more than welcome to provide and bring props that you have or are special to you. Please let us know what you will be bringing.  by no means are you are not required to provide any props, we have TONS! Let us know what styles you like and we will set up the rest!

As for those adorable baby outfits… if you plan on using something that you have purchased, PLEASE try it on your newborn prior to the session.  Too many times they are introduced at the session for the first time and they are too big, too small or just don’t fit right! Avoid any clothing with collars… Collars on our adorable newborns always tend to end up in their faces. Cute diaper covers or baby wraps are the BEST for the newborn session.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any… we have TONS!

Family Photos

Are you including family photos in your newborn session? If so keep your clothing simple, soft, without busy patterns or logos. We suggest solid blacks or whites with long sleeves, especially for mom’s. Avoid cap sleeves. If you are including other children, remind them to try to stay calm and quiet when they are not in the photos to keep the newborn happy. Explain to the sibling(s) ahead of time what is expected of them during the photo session. Instead of bribing with candy and toys, use positive reinforcement and prep them by saying “Mommy and Daddy are excited about taking photos with you and the baby.” If you have toddler’s that you want to hold newborn baby, start practicing this prior to the session; if they aren’t able to achieve this safely at home, then we will use other options for sibling photos. Bring snacks and something for the sibling(s) to do while they are not in photos: books, tablet for movies, etc.  If your children tend to be active, bring another adult to help watch them while we are photographing to help put you at ease.

Tips for Parents for a Successful Newborn Photo, aka Everything Might Still Go Wrong

Honestly, we never know how a newborn photo session will go. Babies are pretty unpredictable adorable! But hopefully these suggestions help you feel prepared and comfortable for your upcoming photo date. If you are still unsure about something, just ask! We are always here to help. And don’t forget to send us those Pinterest boards ahead of time! For some more inspiration, check out our newborn portfolio.

Always remember that you know your newborn better than we do so please don’t hesitate to bring up any concerns or suggestions. But do stay patient. Babies can sense when their parents are becoming upset or frustrated. Crying, inability to soundly sleep, bathroom breaks, and the need for more feeding are all normal things during a photo session.

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